Our Resident Experts


Dominic DeLuca is an artisan butcher with over 4 years experience cutting whole carcass meats. Feel free to call "Dom" with any processing questions.


Patrick Cronin heads up the wholesale division of the company and is great at anticipating your commercial kitchen and foodservice needs.  Speak to him for sales and delivery questions.


James Lavigne is a meat cutter with over 10 years experience cutting hanging meat.  He is also our expert hamburger and sausage maker.  Need a custom made sausage using your own recipe or have general processing questions? Call James.


Mark Kehrberg has a wide variety of business experience including cutting meat in the Midwest for a beef and pork processor that eventually was bought out by Tyson foods.  More recently, he worked in New York as a business manager for production companies that worked in the advertising industry.  Call Mark with general questions and business opportunities.